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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why Inner Line Permit (ILP) is required in Nagaland?
    The Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873, which has been in force in the Naga Hills (present Nagaland) since 1873, requires anyone, both Indian and Foreigner, who is not an indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland, to obtain an Inner Line Permit (ILP), in such form and with such conditions as may be prescribed by the Government of Nagaland, to enter the state of Nagaland for a limited period.
  • 2. How can anyone obtain ILP?
    For Online ILP, please go to the portal,, Select ILP services> Apply new ILP>Choose the category (Tourist/ Businessman/Trader/Labourer/Teachers/ Student/Priest and enter Phone Number>Enter the OTP which will be sent to your Phone number and submit it to proceed further, fill the ILP Application Form accordingly, and submit it.
    For obtaining ILP manually, please contact any of the authorities at the various Nagaland Houses as mentioned in the Home Page, or the office of the Deputy Commissioner of the district concerned in Nagaland.
  • 3. What is a Guarantor for an ILP applicant?
    • Any ILP applicant falling in the category of trader/businessman/labourer, or teacher/priest needs a local guarantor who would sponsor the ILP applicant, and who would be responsible for the good conduct of the ILP holder during his/her stay in Nagaland
    • The intending Guarantor will have to register for which he/she may go to the portal,, Select Guarantor > Guarantor Registration > Enter the phone number and the OTP for verification.The Guarantor after successful submission of the application and on being cleared by the competent authority will be provided a unique number.
    • Any ILP applicant while filling up the online form will be required to give the unique number of his/her Guarantor and will also be asked by the system to give the OTP, which will come on the registered phone number of his/her Guarantor, and only thereafter, the system will permit the applicant to move further and complete the online application form
    • In case of priest/nun, any person belonging to the management of the religious organization/group to which the priest/nun concerned is associated with may function as a Guarantor.
    • In case of teacher, any person belonging to the management of the educational institution where the teacher concerned is employed may function as a Guarantor.
  • 4. A single Guarantor can sponsor at the most how many applicants?
    Any Local Guarantor can sponsor up to 10(ten) applicants.
  • 5. Does an applicant for Tourist ILP require a Guarantor?
    The ILP applicant falling in the category of tourists do not require a Guarantor. The applicant will however, be required to give a local contact.
  • 6. Do students require a Guarantor for applying for ILP?
    Student from outside the State will not require a Guarantor for applying for ILP. The student will however, be required to give a local contact while filling up the ILP application form
    Any student from outside the State will be required to obtain an ILP for 3(three) months for the first time he/she enters Nagaland. Later, the Photo Identity Card issued for the student by the Educational Institution/College/School concerned, can be used by the student as an ILP.
  • 7. What are the documents that need to be uploaded as category documents?
    For trader/businessman, a copy of trade license or other similar documents. For labourer, a copy of the certificate from contractor/employment certificate from employer or other similar document In case, the applicant is a teacher, a copy of the Appointment Order/Employment Certificate of the educational institution (University/college/school). For priest/nun, a copy of the Official Letter/Certificate from the Head of the religious organization/group For students, a copy of the Certificate from the Head of the educational institution.
  • 8. How long will it take get an ILP?
    Depending on the category of the ILP one has applied, and the number of applicants at any point of time, it may take hours or 2 to 3 working days to issue the ILP by the competent authority. As regards the online ILP for Tourist, if applied during working hours it may get approved within 4 (four) hours. If applied during non-working hours or close to the end of the working hours, it may get approved within the first 3 (three) hours of the next working day.
  • 9. What are the fees for ILP?
    1. Businessman/Trader: Rs 100 per person for 3 months / Rs 500 per person for 1 year
      (For 1(one) year ILP, in addition to other documents, a certificate from the administrative officer concerned that the applicant has been continuously residing in Nagaland for more than 1 (one) year at the time of application will also be required to be uploaded)
    2. Labourer: Rs 100 per person for 3 months
    3. Teacher/Priest: Rs 500 per person for 1 year
    4. Student: Rs 100 per student for 3 months
    5. Tourist (Domestic/Foreign): Rs 50 per person valid for 15 days / Rs 100 per person valid for 30 days
    (It may be noted that there will be certain additional charges applicable for payment gateway services)
  • 10. When I apply for the Online ILP, how do I get the confirmation? If I am unsure, should I submit another application?
    You will receive an SMS confirmation stating that your application has been approved on successful submission.
  • 11. Why does the asterisk sign (red) appear while applying for Online ILP when I leave some text box empty?
    When you see an asterisk sign, it simply means that the user input is required. It is a mandatory field to be entered.
  • 12. Why am I not able to upload my photos or document at times while applying for Online ILP?
    Make sure your photo is in JPG or PNG format and photo size should not exceed more than 300/500kb.
  • 13. If I find some bugs or error in the Application meant for Online ILP, whom should I inform or report?
    You can inform the ILP Support Team by sending an email to

For any other related query please contact ILP support: (Note : 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Government Working Days)